Services & Pricing

Austin Cat Sitters is a cat sitting business that comes to your home to care for your cat. We do not offer cat boarding at this time. Cats tend to be happier in familiar settings and boarding your cat can be stressful for them. Austin Cat Sitters offers many options in home care to best meet your cats needs.

What is included in every cat care visit

  • Feeding

  • Water bowl cleanse and refill

  • Litter box cleaning

  • Cat playtime, attention, staring contests, snuggles, pettings, and conversations from a healthy distance if needed.

  • Mail pick up and packages brought inside

  • Light home security (switching of lights, blinds opened/closed, checking locked doors)

  • Message though our app/email which includes a detailed description of your visit, a check list, and photos.

  • Communication through the app/email with your sitter

    All of our visits are monitored by the managers on duty to assure that all tasks are completed appropriately and will be happy to assist our clients if any changes to the visit need to be made.

15 Minute Meow Visit - $15.00

  • 15 Minute Visit

  • Up to 2 Cats (+$5.00 for each additional cat)

  • Can be booked for morning, evening, or anytime visits.

  • Can be booked multiple times of day.

  • Can be booked on all holidays/ peak days.

    Some examples of kitties who are great candidates for basic visits are: kitties who are independent, 2 or more cats that keep each other company, kitties that are shy around strangers, guard cats, and more.


30 Minute Meows- $30.00

  • 30 Minute Visit

  • Up to 3 Cats (+$5.00 for each additional cat)

  • Can be booked for morning, evening or anytime visits.

  • Can be book multiple times of day.

  • Can be booked on certain holidays/ peak days.

    30 Minute visits are great for kitties who need a little extra attention, kittens and active cats, cats that love company, cats who have specific food instructions, medical visits, and more than 3 cats.

1 Hour of Meows- $55

  • 60 minute visit

  • Up to 6 Cats (+$5.00 for each additional cat)

  • Can be booked for morning, evening and anytime visits.

  • Can be booked multiple times a day.

  • Can Not be booked during holiday or peak days.

    Hour long visits are great for the kitties who really benefit from having a human in their home. Some kitties may enjoy an hour long visit if they are lonely, have anxiety without their human, takes a medication that needs adequate time to administer, or just need a little extra love.

Medical Visits

The sitters at ACS have a variety of medical experience and knowledge amongst them. In addition to cat lovers we hire veterinary technicians who are very savvy at administering medications to the kitties we serve.

Some of the medical visits we provide include:

  • Insulin Testing/Injections

  • Nebulizer and Breathing treatments

  • Ointments

  • Pilling

  • Subcutaneous Fluids

Austin Cat Sitters define a medical visit as: a visit where the sitter needs to touch the cat to administer the medication. Using this definition pill pockets, food supplements, medications as treats, and medically prescribed foods would fall under a non medical visit.

Medical Pricing


+$5.00 for each cat receiving medication
+$10.00 for each additional staff present

15 Minute Medical Visit
30 Minute Medical Visit
60 Minute Medical Visit

Additional Medical Cat
Additional Staff

Additional Cat Care Services

$5.00 Per Visit
$15.00 Per 15 Minute Visit

$10.00 (+$5.00 for each additional Cat)
$15.00 (+$5.00 for each additional Cat)
$10.00 + Cost of Supplies

Holiday and Peak Days
Feral/ Outdoor Cats (No Inside Cat)

Pet Taxi (One way ≥ 5 miles)
Pet Taxi (One way ≤ 5 miles)
Supplies Pick Up