How do I sign up for services?

Please fill out the New Client Request form. Once we recieve the form we will give you a call to answer questions and set up the Meet and Greet. We are open to last minute requests and will try to accomodate you and your kitty's needs.

Do you charge for the first Meet and Greet?

No, we do not charge for the initial meet and greet. We believe that meeting in person in an integral part of building a relationship with our clients and their cats. However, if you require an additional meeting there will be a $15 charge.

Why is it you do not board cats?

In our experience boarding cats can be very stressful for them. Cats tend to do better in environments that they know with the freedom to roam when they want to. Our goal is to provide a service that keeps cats happy, healthy, and safe in thier own homes.

Should I request a 15 or 30 minutes visit?

Our visits are customizable based on your cats needs. Our scheduling allows for flexiblity in type and number of visits your cat needs. We do recommend that if you have a kitten or very active cat selecting either two 15 Minute Meows or a 30 Minute Meow visit. We try our best to entertain active cats so they can get energy out appropirately.

How do I know my visit was complete?

Our sitters are all equipt with an app that assists them in completing the visit. Upon arrival the sitter will start the timer for the visit. Food, water, litter, and any other requests will be completed first then the sitter will use the remaining time to give your kitty attention. Once the visit is complete the sitter will use the app to write a short description of your visit. A short check list will be completed and photos added to the email. The sitter will then send the email. From this email you will be able to review the information and verify the time spent at your home. You can respond directly to the email and all conversations will be stored for future reference for you and the sitters.

How many staff do you have?

We are a growing local business who currently has a team of sitters, including 2 managers and the owners. We believe that having a small staff allows us to connect with cats and their families on a deeper level. Our staff are consdiered professional cat sitters and some are working at a fulltime capacity.

All of our staff are background checked, insured, trained and recieve monthly reading on cat related articles. We hold staff meetings at least twice a year for training and other feline team building experiences. You can find information about our staff on "The Sitters" page.

Will I have the same staff visit while I am gone?

We try to keep the same sitter throughout the visit requested. There are times where we need to send another sitter due to days off or scheduling conflicts. All of our staff are highly trained to follow Austin Cat Sitters strict visit protocols. You are able to see which sitter is visiting your cat via our scheduling system.

What happens if my cat gets sick while I am away?

Our sitters are trained to follow certain protocol in assessing a sick or injured cat. It is the owners responsibility to notify us ahead of time of any concerns. In the instance that the cat needs immediate medical care, the sitter will bring your cat to the closest veterinary clinic and contact you as soon as posible. If your cat's need of medical attention is not immediate, our sitters will attempt to contact you prior to any other action.

How does you access my house?

Austin Cat Sitters does NOT take possession of they keys to your home. Keys can be stored in a lockbox or other key holding container. We have a variety of lockboxes for sale, which can be brought to you during your meet and greet. You can purshase one of your own. We are not responsible for lockboxes that have been removed by apartment complexes. Please check with your complex mangement prior to setting out a box. If you have any questions please contact us.

Can I reserve a specific time for my cat's visit?

We do not reserve specific times for visits unless there is a specific medical need. We offer blocks of times in which your cat's visit will be completed. Mornings 7AM-11AM, Anytimes 7AM-8PM, and Evenings 4PM-8PM.