Foster Cats and Kittens

Austin Cat Sitters are proud to help support Austin Pets Alive by taking in foster cats and kittens. We are happy to host these felines while they wait for their forever homes. We support Austin's no-kill initiatives and many of the area shelters that work so hard to advocate for animal rights. All of our fosters, who have taken temporary positions at Austin Cat Sitters, will be given a complementary 15 Minute Meow when booking their first services.* Please contact us for more detail. If you are interested in adopting one of our current fosters, we would happily give you more information.

For more information click the links for the kittens' bios at Austin Pets Alive

All of our kittens have been ADOPTED!

Molly- Calico (Female)
Melvin- Orange Shorthair (Male)
Merlin- Orange Medium Hair (Male)
Moana- Brown Tabby (Female)

Descartes, Pavlov, Skinner, and Cousteau ALL ADOPTED!

Kittens, Kittens, KITTENS!!! These kitties have boundless amounts of energy. All four just recently mastered climbing cat towers, laser chasing, and toy mouse pouncing. The love they have for each other is adorable. If you are looking for a bouncy companion or two, these guys might be right for you. They are currently living with the Austin Cat Sitters. 

UPDATE! 7/29/2017

Cousteau and Skinner were adopted as a pair about a week after Pavlov went home to a new family.

UPDATE! 6/25/2017
Descartes has been ADOPTED!
The three ladies are still looking for loving homes. Pavlov and Cousteau would be wonderful companions together. They play and keep each other entertained. 

Sofia- APA-A-47593

Sofia spent a few days with us prior to being spayed. She then spent some time at the Town Lake Cattery but is back in foster with another family. To see Sofia's APA profile please click here.