Hank The Cat

Sometimes goes by the name of: Hanky, Henry, Hank the tank, and Crank

Hank the logo

Classic Hank

Henry The Cat was rescued from a kill shelter by Vanessa’s cousin who had seen the personality of a kitty that was unlike any other. As a young kitten Henry had digestive trouble and it was clear he would need specific care to help him adjust to eating normally.

While in the shelter Henry would drag around any object he deemed important. As Henry got older, the objects became stranger but Henry still would bring “gifts” to us. Henry was known for gifting pencils, socks, anything with string, and his most prized possessions, screwdrivers. Henry even caught a mouse, once… but that is a story for another time. As Henry aged he became known as Old Man Hank. He enjoyed eating, sleeping, and… well that is about it.


Hank at MSPCA Boston

Hank at MSPCA Boston

Around 2013 we started to notice that something was wrong with our buddy. He was overeating and seeking out water constantly. He became lethargic and we brought him to the emergency animal hospital in Boston. Hank was diagnosed with kidney failure. Hank was very lucky to have exceptional care. His team at the hospital even featured him in one of their stories about kidney disease. We tried not let it get to his head though. The animal hospital trained us to administer Hank’s meds which became an important skillset in extending the quality of his life.

We traveled out of town often and because of Hank’s need for twice daily subcutaneous fluids, we needed a sitter who was skilled in cat care. We were thrilled when we found a veterinary technician who was willing to come to our home. This allowed us to travel knowing that Hank was in good care.

Halloween Hank

In 2014, prior to moving to Texas, we had to say goodbye to Hank. The logo is a nod to him and to all the other kitties who need medical care.

The Inception of Austin Cat Sitters

We often get asked how we decided to start Austin Cat Sitters and the answer is quite simple, we needed someone to sit our cats. After having such a wonderful cat sitter in Boston, we saw that there was a need for cat specific professional sitters in our new home in Austin, TX.