The Owners


Evelyn Shields- Owner
The Cat Whisperer

Evelyn grew up on a farm in Vermont with independent kitties outside in the barn. Her first inside kitten was an orange flea-bitten little guy left on her elementary school front steps that she brought home on the bus (without asking permission!). Courtalee claimed Evelyn in 2001 and (un)happily moved across the country with her twice and holds an important role in the home and business. Evelyn has a knack for calming anxious kitties and even the most timid have been wooed by her charm. She enjoys meeting the new kitties needing sitting services and their owners as well! Evelyn is part owner of Austin Cat Sitters and handles most of the communication and scheduling. Evelyn is fluent in ASL and also works as an interpreter.


Vanessa- Feline Fitness Instructor, Owner

Vanessa moved with Evelyn from the Boston area and has experience with kitties who have medical needs. Vanessa has owned cats who needed daily medicine and subcutaneous fluids. Vanessa also loves active cats and kittens who require more play time. Be it string toys or laser pointer, Vanessa is sure to wear your active cat out. 
Vanessa works to make sure that the website, Time To Pet portal, and scheduling is running smoothly. 


Courtalee- The Cat, Billing, Intern Supervisor

Courtalee, better known as Brisket or Kitty, is a 20 year old veteran of the cat world. Courtalee has moved all over the US in her lifetime and with each day gets crankier and crankier. Her hobbies include sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, meowing at full bowls of food, shaking her tiny paw at the young foster kittens, sitting in the closet and singing the songs of her people, and sleeping.

Kittens M Litter 1.JPG

Zing- Official ACS Tester

Zing is the newest feline hire to the ACS team. She was brought in as an intern but then hired on after a few month trial period. Since then Zing has grown to become one of the best testers we know of. What does she test? Pretty much anything she can get her paws/teeth on! Treats, toys, foods, litter, plants, curtains, Courtalee's back legs, counter tops, boundaries, and our nerves all are fair game for this kitty. She is a love bug and amazing at her job.


Interns- Foster Cats and Kittens

Austin Cat Sitters are proud to assist in Austin Pet Alive initiative in saving pets and we align with their No Kill philosophy. Please visit our foster page for more information of the kitties that are currently residing with us and their adoption status.